Where do you make your ceramics? 

Currently, all of these pieces are made by hand in my backyard studio. 


Are your ceramics durable? 



Are your ceramics food safe? 



Are your ceramics oven safe? 



Are your ceramics dishwasher safe? 

Sure are! In order to prolong the life of your dishes though, we recommend hand washing. If you should choose to use a dishwasher, use a natural detergent and a low/gentle setting.  A good rule of thumb: handmade = handwash! 


Do you have wholesale accounts?

Yes! Please email alexis@essemade.com for further information. Include your business name and affiliated websites or social media links, as well as what pieces you are considering for your business. Thank you!

Are your ceramics microwave safe?

Yes. However, ceramic pieces quickly overheat in microwaves, especially portions touching the food/liquid in them. They conduct heat really well! If you have to reheat that last sip of coffee, be careful! 


Will you make a custom piece for me?

 At the time, I am not taking custom orders. However, I will be updating the shop regularly with new items and new glaze colors choices I think you’ll love!


Do you have a storefront? 

I am currently working on creating a studio space to call my own. Until then, you can often catch me at local craft shows or markets. Check out our Instagram page for announcements!


Shipping + Returns 

Can I return my piece? 

I strive to package my ceramics as safe and protected and environmentally friendly as possible. If any of your items arrive broken, please send back the broken item or reach out to alexis@essemade.com and I will promptly send you a replacement! However, if your favorite mug chips in the sink or your plate takes a tumble off the table, I cannot offer a refund or exchange.